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Tim is an oustanding senior accounting consultant. We don't have enough words to describe his neverending value. His accounting experience and skill set are second-to-none, and his business strategy and financial analysis is absolutely critical to our ongoing operations in all of our businesses. Tim has served us whole heartedly and invaluably for almost 10 years.

Geoff Houston
Machine Industries LLC

Services used: internal accounting staff mentoring, monthly and quarterly QuickBooks and accounting review, monthly and quarterly business analysis and strategic planning

When I started my own mobile notary and concierge services business I knew I needed assistance with bookkeeping and accounting. I attended a SCORE class on QuickBooks that Tim Shortridge of Shortridge Business Services has been voluntarily teaching for a number of years. Tim is a great teacher, very personable, and is always willing to help.

He has since set up my QuickBooks for me and helped me whenever I’ve had a question or needed him to clean up my mistakes. Since he can check my accounts via remote access, it has made it even easier to keep my books in line and allowed me to learn more about QuickBooks.

I highly recommend Tim to help anyone with accounting and QuickBooks. Thanks Tim!

Cheryl Casebolt
Busy Bodies Personal Assistant
Simi Valley, CA

Services used: QuickBooks® Workshop Training, Setup, One-on-one Training, As-needed Remote Support

Since September of 2005, Shortridge Business Services has been providing accounting services to each of Hanbleceya's three business entities. Not only are we extremely satisfied with Tim Shortridge’s QuickBooks expertise, but also his high level of professionalism and general accounting knowledge. He has alleviated our need to hire an on-site accountant and as a result has simultaneously saved us thousands of dollars.

Kerry G. Paulson, Managing Partner
Hanbleceya Treatment Center

Services used: QuickBooks® Setup, One-on-one Training, Monthly Support

I began using Shortridge Business Services more than 12 years ago. As my business began to grow, Tim Shortridge was able to create workable systems, as he tailored the Quickbooks program to meet my specific needs.

I highly recommend him to all new businesses. He does a superlative job of customizing and meeting the unique bookkeeping needs of each business, and then training how to use the new systems to their fullest advantage.

The best part about Tim is that his winning personality makes the challenge of bookkeeping pleasant! He is genuine in his enjoyment of my business success and has always been accessible to help as I've needed him.

Jodi Stolove, Owner
Chair Dancing® International Inc.

Services used: QuickBooks® Setup, One-on-one Training, As-needed Support

Shortridge Business Services has been my QuickBooks consultant since 2005 when I became the owner of The Family & Learning Center in La Jolla. Tim Shortridge efficiently and painlessly guided us through the set up of our accounting system, and has been our go-to person with questions ever since.

Tim is knowledgeable regarding the workings of a small business and offers much needed support in the area of bookkeeping and general function of a business. His hands-on approach to keeping proper financial records is reassuring for all types and levels of small business operations. Tim has helped me create a straightforward and easy to manage bookkeeping system, allowing me to focus my time and energy on our clients, rather than on our bookkeeping.

Bonnie M. Weiss, M.Ed., Owner/Director
The Family & Learning Center

Services used: QuickBooks® Setup, One-on-one Training, As-needed Support


I met Tim Shortridge in mid-2007 at his QuickBooks workshop sponsored by SCORE. My partner and I had just purchased a publishing business and I was going to be in charge of managing the books. I had very limited experience with QuickBooks, and new next to nothing about how to set up our company books and manage the accounts on a daily/monthly basis.

Tim was terrific. He came in and set up our accounts correctly right from the beginning (which saved us a lot of headaches and expenses down the road), and ever since has trained me how to keep them accurate. He's been invaluable in terms of his expertise and knowledge of QuickBooks as well as his overall business acumen. As our business has expanded, he's always there to help make sure our QuickBooks accounts stay in sync. I can't say enough about his can-do attitude and genuine interest in our business success.

We now use Shortridge Business Services on an as-needed basis. Tim's been an invaluable resource to us, and will continue to be so.

Barbara Davies, Co-Owner/General Manager
Autobody News

Services used: QuickBooks® Workshop Training, Setup, One-on-one Training, As-needed Support


Shortridge Business Services is precise, punctual, attentive, friendly, caring, and honest. They provide a professional and friendly service beyond our expectation. Everybody at Vigitron counts them as an important member of our team. Their contribution is essential to our growth.

Working with them is a pleasure that gives us peace of mind.

Ali Eghbal, President
Vigitron, Inc.


Services used: Peachtree® Setup, One-on-one Training, Monthly Support

I am a chiropractor and an acupuncturist who runs my own business. From day 1 of my business, I have been gratefully relying on Shortridge Business Services to keep the business going.

First, unlike any regular accountants, CPAs, or bookkeepers, who keep to their individual boundaries, Tim helped me set up our entire accounting system, and taught me how to use accounting as one of the most important tools to monitor and manage my business.

Not only does Tim train accurate bookkeeping functions for the office, more importantly, he taught me, the owner, how to compile, understand, and interpret financial data in a way that gives the most precise reading of the financial pulses of the business at any given time. These skills allow me to swiftly and timely adapt to any given financial situations to ensure smooth sailing of the business.

I highly recommend Tim Shortridge to anyone who is interested in starting or steering their businesses to success. Success does not come with poor financial management, and I would not risk it with anyone who does not have Tim’s experience, skill, vision, passion, and drive to help you to success.

I still remember what Tim told me the first day he came to our office: “we are going to get everything done right, and success (of your business) is the only option, agree?” The excitement in his voice still warms my heart, knowing that no matter how things are, someone is here genuinely caring for me, and my business, with his heart and brain.

Dr. Dawn Liu, Ph.D., D.C., L.Ac.
Action Chiropractic & Wellness

Services used: Quicken® Setup, One-on-one Training, Monthly Support


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