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Corky and Tim Shortridge founded Shortridge Business Services in 1992 to help the owners of small businesses throughout San Diego County. With their extensive business experience and bachelor degrees in accounting, Shortridge Business Services has become a premier provider of QuickBooks help and Peachtree setup, training, and support services.

Where Can You Find Peachtree or QuickBooks Training In San Diego?

Do you want to learn QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting? Finding reliable Peachtree or QuickBooks training in San Diego can be a struggle. In order for someone to successfully provide you with QuickBooks help or Peachtree support, they must know more than just the accounting program (what buttons to push and what information goes into what field). They must also be knowledgeable in accounting and experienced in business. These are the bodies of knowledge essential for an accountant to help you effectively.

Peachtree and QuickBooks help is available. Right here in San Diego, right now. You can learn QuickBooks or Peachtree and start doing your own bookkeeping in no time. Weíve been providing Peachtree consulting and QuickBooks training in San Diego since 1992, and all of our consulting and training services are guaranteed. Either you are completely delighted with our work, or itís free. Call us today at 858-271-0782 and get started on the path to accurate financial information that you can use to better manage your business.

Why Do Accounting?

Letís face it, keeping track of the financial activity of your business can be a pain, but there are two important reasons to do it:

bullet The IRS requires it. They tend to frown on business owners who ďmake upĒ the numbers they put on their income tax returns.
bullet Useful financial information will help you manage your business better. It provides you with a clear understanding of how you are doing, and that clearer understanding will lead you to making better business decisions.

Why Use An Accounting Program?

Did you know that 75% of the bookkeeping for a small business in San Diego can be done by keeping track of customer invoices, bank deposits, and vendor payments? You have to do those things to run your business anyway. Using an accounting program like QuickBooks or Peachtree will make those basic tasks easier to do and most of your bookkeeping will be getting done at the same time.

Will The Information Be Accurate?

The most important activity in accounting is ensuring that your financial information is accurate. If it isnít accurate, itís not going to help you manage your business better. Accuracy is accomplished through two activities:

bullet Meaningful program setup, so the program works in a way that makes sense to you.

Monthly reconciliation and review, so you know the information is correct.

We can teach you how to do both of these activities, or you can hire us to do them for you (see Services for more information). Shortridge Business Services has been providing help with Quickbooks in San Diego since 1992


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